Are Directories still Relevant in SEO Circles?

Are Directories still Relevant in SEO Circles?

Are Directories Still Useful?

The simple answer is yes—web directories are still relevant to SEO even in 2015. Of course, even though directories are useful for SEO purposes some directories tend to be more relevant and useful than others. Not all web directories are the same, and there are some that you might even want to avoid when considering SEO. Unfortunately, directories started out much more relevant in the very beginning when they were first created, over a decade ago. They were extremely popular for helping site owners get found and helping those every-day-web surfers find things online. There is one argument that over the many years directories themselves have evolved and taken new shape and the way in which they are used has changed somewhat. On the other hand, however, it has been declared that Google’s policies are what have truly changed. As time progresses directories became used primarily as just a link hub.

Why Is There Even a Question About Their Relevance?

People ask whether directories can still be useful for several reasons. Often it is because of what many web directories have become, the majority of them functioning as spam. Others also ask if directories are relevant because they may not understand where the value lies. It is also a concern, often, that using directories will lead to a penalty. Even though there are certainly plenty of bad directories many of them serve their purpose as they were intended to and can make a positive impact. A lot of this also depends on your own intention, how you submit to directories and the overall vibe that Google receives from you. If you find a good directory that genuinely does garner traffic to your website then it’s a good deal.

How to Find a Good Directory

To find the most useful and relevant links avoid directories which have a significant number of

Outbound links. This tends to indicate the presence of spam and Google doesn’t often like sites with directory backlinks. Choosing high-quality directories which have a good reputation, however, are generally useful and worthwhile.
It is a good indication if a website ranks favorably in the search engines. When it ranks well it is

generally trustworthy. Even if said links don’t necessarily hike up your rating they may still boost your direct traffic. If a website sells directed links it is usually another good sign. See if the website’s category pages are being cached, and how often they are being cached in Google. Be sure the link will get the attention you want. Look closely at the quality ratio and the ad ratio to determine whether or not a website is worthy. These two areas are both very important when dealing with website directories. Is it decrepit—are there a lot of broken links to be found? This is another indication of a poor website directory. Finally, also pay attention to whether or not it has content which is unique and if it is relevant to your own site. These are all primary ways you can get a good and relevant web directory.


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