Enhance Your SEO by Employing These Strategies

Enhance Your SEO by Employing These Strategies

Every website owner is looking for an edge, something you can gain by following several important strategies. Alone, these strategies may not be the most effective, but when taken collectively they can advance your site. Let’s take a look at the best SEO tips to help you reach your goals.

Enhance Your Internal Link Strategy

If you have managed a website for at least a few months, then you can tell which pages perform better than others. It is as that this point you need to consider those pages and why they aren’t particularly effective, especially if the information presented is sound.

Here, you will want to link to your weaker pages by typing in similar pages elsewhere. Identity those pages and link directly to your weaker page. Through this effort, you will increase the visibility of your weakest performing pages. Going forward, always link to your older pages as you build new ones.

Gauge Your Competitors

What are your competitors doing? This becomes obvious when you type in the keywords used on your site and find your competitors are ranking for each of the top positions. Here, you will want to visit those pages and learn what your competitors are doing to rank so well.

A few things to check include the title of the article, the type and number of keywords used, pictures and other special considerations. You won’t copy what your competitor is saying, but you should employ a strategy that comes up with your own variation based on that article.

Incorporate Videos in your articles

Yes, you are an expert in your field. Trouble is, most people want that expertise in video form and you aren’t producing them.

Here, you will want to develop at least half dozen videos and post these to YouTube. A site such as YouTube will send traffic to you and in buckets. You can also post these videos to your site and know that your videos can be shared all over the Internet.

Get Listed

Web directories no longer have the appeal that they once held. Indeed, Google penalized these in the late 2000s and effectively forced everyone to look for new options. Fortunately, there are easy and free ways to get listed.

One of the ways is to find out who is writing “best of” articles in your niche. For sites that list the top blogs or websites, you want to get listed. Find those lists, contact the web manager and ask that your site is included.

Write Your Guides

Clearly, the best way to get linked and listed is to write killer content. Not just a smart article, but entire guides that can help people find out more about your products and services.

Writing something such as, “The Definitive Guide to….” can give you an edge. Then, share the link to that guide on social media, including Google Plus, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. If your guide is well written and informative, it will invite scads of links to your site.

Collaborate With Other Writers

Going it alone online never works. So, working together with others who face a similar challenge as yours is the way to go. Find a dozen or more bloggers in your niche and reach out to them.

For instance, you might have videos that could be useful to another site. That other site may have original articles to share. Consider an exchange that might benefit both parties mutually, what will yield links to and from your site.

Never Stop Learning

SEO is not a destination, rather it is a journey. Never stop learning and always look for ways to stand out


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