Top Programming Languages Used by Web Developers

Top Programming Languages Used by Web Developers

Programming languages are high-level languages used by computers. Each programming language is usually set to understand the unique set of keywords. Programming languages are mostly used to create programs and run them to perform various tasks. Web development is the process by which websites are made. Web development is achieved by use of these programing languages that communicate to the machine   and thus actions take place. There are many programming languages that responsive web design Melbourne and Web developers use today. I will discuss some of the common languages used below.

  1. Java

This is one of the most popular languages used by web developers and software engineers. It was developed by web designers and programmers in Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s. It is a cost-free language. This type of language was developed to run on several platforms that it can run on mac operating system and also windows operating systems. It is simple language and easy to get to know how to run it in a short time.

  1. C programming language

This type of program was developed way back in the 1970s. It is seen as the evolution point of other programming languages such as java, python, and c++. It is a language that can be used by web developers to serve their different needs since it is general purpose. It is also a general purpose search engine. New web developers have to get to learn this language because it has the same syntax to other languages like c++.

  1. C++

C++ programming language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1979 and later enhanced and also renamed in 1983. This was developed and evolved from the C programming language. Web developers use this as general-purpose programming language because of its high performance and good video graphics. It has template library which is able to manipulate entered data and elements. It is also able to create elements like variables and data types.

  1. Python

Python is one of the most commonly used programming language used by web designers. It is dynamic that is you are able to run the code without a compiler. It has very simple syntax and thus highly used by google, YouTube, and Facebook. It is dynamic and highly readable language and applies automatic memory management.

  1. JavaScript

This is another language used by web developers. It is used in creating and developing websites. It is capable of performing many tasks that can help web developers like controlling the browser and also gives the ability to edit pages that are in display. This language is smaller than java.  Requires simple and easy coding and does not require a compiler. JavaScript programming language can also help in building web apps.

  1. PHP

PHP was used to define Hypertext Processor language. It was developed for general web purposes and also web development and designs. It is a high-speed language thus preferred by web developers. It is highly suitable for web development in that it can have HTML pages embedded on it. It also has compiled codes plugins thus no need of a compiler.

  1. Ruby

Ruby is also a dynamic programming language. It is used for creating and developing websites by web developers and also building mobile apps. It is simple to understand and also to write. It was developed in the year 1993.It also offers another framework of ruby with rails. It has simple coding and is mostly used on websites that are full of traffic like twitter.

  1. Perl

This is an interpretive programming language used by web developers to process text through several CGI systems. It has the power to process piles of texts thus helps web developers to write web programs for several tasks.

  1. Visual Basic.Net

It is an object-oriented programming language, that is usually implemented on Microsoft .net was released by Microsoft in 2002 to succeed visual basic language. It also has commands like command line compiler called vbc.exe. This helps web developers in compiling 10. Cascading Style Sheets programming language

This is a very useful programming language to web developers. When it is paired with HTML it is able to show web developers how their websites will look like or how visitors of the site will be able to see the site. It also has very important elements like colors, layouts and font styles.

  1. C#

This is one of the programming languages released by Microsoft. It was released in 2000.It has a big similarity with java. It was used by programmers to develop many types of applications that are of visual studio. Web developers have to code in c# when developing web-based apps.

  1. SQL

They are initials of Structured Query Language. This is a very simple language to learn and understand and is even closer to English in terms of syntax. It also has many and helpful commands that can help users and web developers

  1. Extensible Markup Language

This language has a command that can create several same content information formats so that their data can be shared consistently on social media. It is also able to connect information that is in the web pages with that in databases.

  1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

This is one of the most important programming languages for web developers. This is because it is able to control how the page will look like. When combined with JavaScript it forms very important blocks on World Wide Web.

  1. Objective-C

This was developed in the early 1980s.It is a primary programming language that  is used to write mac software’s that can help web designers in their work.

Generally there are several programming languages that can be used by web developers in web design. Expert web developers have to know each language and the roles it plays in order to display professional work. Many programming languages emerge or evolve from a previous language which is improved and made to perform additional commands.


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