What Storefront Signs Say About a Business

What Storefront Signs Say About a Business

There are many things to consider when judging a business. Staff, for example, are one of these things. Premises is another thing. Customer service is a third. But one aspect of a business customers use to judge it on is its signage.

Outdoor signs for business can reveal a lot about a company and what it does. Here are several things your sign says about your business.

Your Field

Often, your sign will inform customers what it is you actually do. Sure, some businesses choose to opt for very simple signs, but on average, business signage at least gives an indication as to what field you work in.

If your sign doesn’t, it may be worth evaluating its effectiveness.

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Business Signs of various companies


Your Brand Strength

A business with a strong brand is going to opt for signage that reinforces this brand. Think a consistent use of colors, images and logos.

A business with a weak brand isn’t going to bother much about opting for a brand-boosting sign. If you want to show customers your business matters, make sure consistency echoes throughout everything that you do.

Your Commitment to Excellence

Outdoor signage for business has the distinct advantage of being outside. That means customers are able to see this sign without ever having to step foot inside the company’s building.

But this advantage does come with a disadvantage. Customers are able to see the way in which you run your business from afar. If your sign is broken, dirty, outdated, then customers are going to realize the image isn’t a big concern to you. And if the image isn’t a big concern, what else isn’t?

In order to give off the best impression, keep your outdoor signage well maintained. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but ensure it’s never broken or dirty.

It’s Desire to be Noticed

Take McDonald’s as an example. Often, those golden arches stand 10 feet in the air for all to see. McDonald’s wants to be noticed.

How you position your sign and the overall size of it tells customers if you want to be noticed or not. If you don’t want to be noticed, people will just assume you aren’t that confident in what you’re selling or you only cater to a niche audience.


Knowing what storefront signs can say about a business is vital if you want to give off the best possible impression to customers.

While you might spend ages cleaning up space inside your premises in order to create a good impression, your work could be ruined by your less than ideal looking sign.

Why not have an honest look at your outdoor sign and see what you think it says about your company? Better yet, why not get a friend to do it instead, or anybody who can give you an outside opinion?


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